Birthday Parties


Staci also offers music and storytelling for larger events (events with over 40 children) and in a wonderful interactive program for elementary schools and pre-schools. These events usually require a P.A. system and start at $350. Contact Staci for more details on pricing, travel fees and discounts on multiple shows!


Make your child's birthday a memorable experience. Staci creates a fun, creative atmosphere with her interactive program customized to your child's interests. Activities can include singing, storytelling, face painting, costume trunk and musical instrument craft time!

Music Fun  •  Imagination Fun  •  Silly Fun
Story Fun  •  The Works


Add any party service to one of our packages and receive 30% off that service.

Music  •  Storytelling  •  Face Painting
Costume Trunk  •  Cupcake Trees

Birthday Party Packages

Music Fun — $375

  • 45 minutes of music
  • Instrument craft time
  • Music stickers

This package starts with musical instrument craft time. Staci will bring the instruments pre-assembled and the children will decorate them with crayons, markers and stickers!!! This price is for up to 15 kids, $10 each additional 5 kids.

After everyone has made their instrument Staci will get out her guitar and the party really begins. For 45 minutes the children can play their instruments to some great songs. Everyone will have a great time! After the music is done Staci will pass out stickers to all the children at the party.

Imagination Fun — $275

  • 30 minutes costume activities
  • 30 minutes of music
  • Theme stickers

For this awesome package, Staci will bring her costume trunk to your party and set out all the costumes for the children to choose from. For 30 minutes (or as soon as all the guest are there and have picked out a costume) Staci will help all the kids try on costumes and decide which they want to dance in. Then it's time for 30 minutes of fantastic music and of course stickers for everyone at the end. For an additional $15 you can even keep the costume trunk overnight (as long as there are no pending parties for the same day)!

Silly Fun — $325

  • 45 minutes of music
  • Face painting
    Up to 15 kids; $20 each additional 5 kids
  • Theme stickers

Face Painting and music, what more could you ask for? This package includes face painting for up to 20 kids and 45 minutes music. Staci starts face painting right at the start of the party and when everyone is there and decorated, the music starts!! Stickers will be passed out at the end.

Story Fun — $275

  • 30 minutes musical stories
  • 20 minutes of storytime
  • Theme stickers

Staci's most popular package includes storytelling, music and stickers. Staci will alternate reading cool books and singing songs for 50 minutes. Then, of course, she will pass out stickers that can be themed to your party or just fun music stickers.

The Works — $600

  • Invitations (includes postage)
  • Decorations
  • Party favors
  • Choice of two activities
    Music, crafts, face painting, costume trunk, & storytime.
  • Cupcake tree
  • Party snacks

That's just what it is too, the works. You give Staci a list of people to invite and select a theme, then she does the rest. This package includes invitations, decorations, party favors, choice of 2 activities, medium cupcake tree and party snacks for up to 15 kids. Prices start at $600, however, some supplies cost more.

Up to 15 kids

Party Services


45 minutes $250

Get your toes tappin' and your voices singing! With the basic music package, Staci will come to your child's Birthday party to sing and play guitar for 45 minutes. She'll play all your child's favorite songs and have the whole party singing, dancing, and having a great time. Staci prides herself on providing an entertaining, interactive experience for kids of all ages!


30 minutes $200

Most children love a good book and Staci has been captivating Austin audiences with her storytelling for 9 years now. With the 30 minute storytime Staci will read some of your child's favorite books, some wonderful books they've never seen, or a combination of both. Interactive books are her favorites, especially ones that have the children making funny noises and movements. They'll learn skills like counting and color recognition while they have a great time!

Face Painting

Up to 10 kids $175
11 to 20 kids $200
21 to 30 kids $250
31 to 40 kids $300

Staci will bring her colorful face paints to your party and paint a flower or butterfly or maybe a snake on each childs' face or arm. These bright face paints are gentle on children's skin and wash off easily when they are finished enjoying them! This can take as little as 30 minutes for 10 kids or as long as 2 hours for a large group of 40.

Costume Trunk

Self Service $100/day
You pick up the trunk
Full Service $150/day
We deliver the trunk

Staci has the coolest costume trunk! It's filled with over 30 costumes that are sure to entertain the children at your next party. Girls will love all the princess dresses, the flapper dresses, even the poodle skirts and boys will love the superhero collection! You can pick up the trunk or I can deliver it to you! This trunk is also great for keeping kids entertained during your dinner party or other adult function.


Staci also offers music and storytelling for larger events (events with over 40 children) and in a wonderful interactive program for elementary schools and pre-schools. These events usually require a P.A. system and start at $350. Contact Staci for more details on pricing, travel fees and discounts on multiple shows!

Elementary Schools

Staci's programs for elementary schools are interactive and educational with something for all grades. For pre-K thru 2rd grade Staci reads some fun picture books keeping the students involved in each story. In between books, Staci sings some of her exciting and interactive songs. She includes story songs, movement songs and songs involving different sounds. She then lets the students ask questions about the books and the performance in general. Then, for 3rd thru 5th (or 6th if applicable) Staci begins the program with a 15 to 20 minute book reading (these are usually longer picture books with more complex stories then for the younger grades!) followed by a songs and discussions about bullies and how it's good to be unique and different and about small things they can do to make the world a better place! Finally, she ends the program by sharing fantastic books the students can read on their own and letting the students ask questions! These hour long programs are a must for all schools!

Events and Pre-Schools

Music - Staci Gray's musical program involves so many fantastic, stimulating activities like imagination play, group movement, singing, being very silly and dancing with BUBBLES! She will have parents and kids alike having a great time!


Staci captivates children with her energetic book readings. She accomplishes this using two simple techniques, involving the children (making animal noises, counting, identifying colors etc.) and picking GREAT books!

Song List

By Staci Gray

Other Songs

  • If You're Happy and You Know It
  • Bingo
  • Old MacDonald Had a Farm
  • Hokey Pokey
  • Itsy Bitsy Spider
  • Happy Birthday

By Joe McDermott (for birthday parties only)

  • What's Not to Love About A Skunk?
  • Don't Drop a Brick on Your Foot (It will Hurt)
  • The Jungle Song
  • I Am Baby
  • Don't Get Close to the Alligator
  • Let the Dog Go Out
  • Way Out West
  • I Got Stuck in an Elevator
  • Thank You Mud
  • Baby Kangaroo

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